It’s still summer, but no one believes that. When the sun makes it out from behind the haze, it doesn’t have the weak-tea strength of fall. The bugs are droning. Everything’s green, and there’s not a hint of the wan hues that will make the world look like it’s being drained of its vitality. It’s warmer than June. But everything’s changed, hasn’t it? Labor Day ruins summer. Push it back two weeks into September, and everyone would be happier. For that matter, put Memorial Day in the middle of May as well, and summer would go on and on.

Never happen. Ah well.


AIIIEEEE Dash-cam video of the day. Put up three days ago; six million hits.



Wow! Wonder what they’re saying in the comments?

That's nihilism, you're using your cognitive abilities to formulate a human opinion about death. By the nature of your argument, your theory is just as flawed as heaven and hell, and also more depressing

Ooooh. Burn. Next:

Tired of wasting your day online with no money coming it? Get paid to be online...Gooogle "FAST MARKET CASH'' and goto the first site. They have a pennystock page that will show you how to cash in online.

Well, if someone had to post that on a YouTube video about a rockslide while other people were having an argument about religion, he must be serious! Thanks, helpful internet dude!

ALTERNATE WORLD SOUNDTRACKS Here’s a page devoted to Rejected Bond Movie Themes. The first one, the page’s author notes, really sounds like a Bond theme. It’s the stabby brass, I think.

It’s the same world in which “2001” was released with the Alex North score.


MYSTERY SOLVEDThe Giant Concrete Arrows of the Southwest.


HEY YOU Your personal war against the second-person pronoun in headlines continues today. What’s that, you say? You don’t have a personal war against things like that? You’re right. You don’t. I do. Can’t remember where I saw it, but I heard the perfect word to describe what irks me about this style:


How else to describe these examples? They popped up one after the other as I browsed:

Your Ancestors Didn’t Sleep Like You

Everything You Know About Binge-Viewing TV Is Wrong

This Tedious Video Game Will Make You Hate Yourself — You Should Play It

You're Less Likely To Recycle Something If It Looks Like Trash

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Street Fighter In One Video

There is nothing I want to know about Street Fighter. Another headline told me about five comedies on Netflix I haven’t seen; I’d seen the first and didn’t bother to click on the rest. (“Bernie.”)

The other variant, less irritating but still pushing it, is the third-person plural. “We've been looking at ant intelligence the wrong way” says i09. So this has been an ongoing investigation with meetings and memos and I’ve totally missed all of them. What the hell is wrong with just saying “Scientists”?


GEEK EW has a post on some Star Trek posters.

Ortiz evokes Steranko in going Op-art mod for “That Which Survives” (season 3, episode 17), in which the Enterprise runs afoul with a computer-controlled femme fatale with a poisonous touch.




Don’t see the Steranko. Also, doesn’t evoke the show at all, which had Lee Meriwether walking around looking confused as she attempted to kill the landing party by touching them. Many more here, most of which seem related to the plot of the episode.

Or you could go read Lee Meriwether on Twitter.

Not every day you can follow someone whose bio begins “Former Catwoman.”