It's that time of year again! It's time for you to show off your vast baseball knowledge, look into the future and tell us who will be the key Twins players in 2013.

That's's Picks to Clicks time! (cue the circus music).

Picks to click is simple. Just pick ONE position player and ONE pitcher whom you think will have a big 2013 season. The standards are different for Joe Mauer. Picking him to click means he's gotta hit at least .330.

This year, I waited for a few games to be played so you could watch your favorite team and acquire a little information before making your selection. It's hard to predict the future without a little info, right?

I watched the Twins all of spring of 2012, and identified Joe Mauer and Nick Blackburn as my Picks to Click. Barely 1-for-1 there. My standard for Mauer last year was .320. He batted .319 but was in the race for the batting title so.....big year!

By the way, here are the leading vote-getters from last year's poll:

Position player (in percentages)

1. Chris Parmelee      19.6
2. Danny Valencia     17.6
3. Justin Morneau     11.8
4. Joe Mauer            10.7
5. Denard Span          8.8

8.  Josh Willingham     3.9
12. Nishi                    1.9


1. Francisco Liriano     37.3
2. Nick Blackburn        12.7
3. Glen Perkins           12.7
4. Liam Hendriks          7.9
5. Anthony Swarzak      5.9

11. Jared Burton       one vote

So let's get this year's poll started. Pick one position player and one pitcher you think will have a good year. Polls are open until Friday, and I'll check in next week with the results. Have fun!!!



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