A big pat on the back to Restaurant.com for completely standing behind its product. Sure, there are caveats that first-time users might miss--the minimum purchase amount that can be as much as twice the certificate amount, drinks that sometimes can't be included in the total, and Friday, Saturdays and Sundays being excluded for redemption--but many times a customer only needs to spend $35 on a $25 cert that you bought for $3. 


So what might even an experienced user forget about at the site? First, check the list of unredeemed certificates under "my account" after you sign in. Certs that have already been redeemed automatically get deleted, so if you see a cert listed, it's still good.

Even a cert that is years old that has an expiration date is still good. Restaurant.com changed its policy so that all certs, including the ones before the policy change, do not expire. 

Sometimes a restaurant may decide to drop out of the program, but you can call customer service (1-888-745-6991) and get a credit toward a future purchase for the same amount. In other words, If your $25 cert at a restaurant is no longer valid because they've dropped out of the program, then you can choose a $25 cert at another restaurant. 

Some participating restaurants have closed such as Tickles and M&S Grill. Again, no loss of value. Just call customer service to get a credit. The only problem is that Restaurant.com isn't as proactive at giving automatic credits, but once you bring it to their attention, immediate credit is applied.

Considering the amazing savings that site offers, it is just as amazing that the customer service is as good as it is. Well done.

FYI, if you aren't signed up yet, the coupon code is TOUCHDOWN for an 80 percent discount.


In the interest of fairness has anyone got a beef with the site? Let's hear 'em.