The Humphries-Kardashian divorce settlement is suddenly sounding like a win for the NBA player if an upcoming auction is any indication.

I’m hearing that a ring that may only be described as belonging to a “gentleman” is scheduled for a Christie’s auction in NYC. The bauble will bear a striking resemblance to the Lorraine Schwartz designed rock, seen on various magazine covers and worn by Kim Kardashian during her engagement and some of the 72 days of her marriage to Kris Humphries. Internet stories from various websites reported that the estimated $2 million 20-carat ring was a sticking point in the former couple coming to settlement.

As you may recall, the divorce battle lasted much longer than the marriage, showcased in a two-part made-for-cable special.

Humphries fought to regain possession of the ring as part of his claim of fraud. Humphries believes Kardashian led him down the path to marriage as a publicity stunt for her reality show. Kardashian reportedly wanted to keep the ring because she married for love; never mind that in the final months of negotiating the dissolution, Kardashian was carrying baby North, her child with Kanye West.

While Humphries’ name will reportedly not be mentioned at the Christie’s auction, it is logical to assume he’s the unnamed “gentleman.” I’m additionally hearing that Humphries will give proceeds from the auction to a charity.

So much for those reports that Kardashian kept the sparkler or the relentless buzz that the NBA player did not pay for the ring.

Chalk up a small win for the sanctity of marriage, as the person who took this union seriously got the ring.


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