The Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on hidden but mandatory "resort fees" tacked on to resort hotel bills. The FTC has warned 22 hotel operators to include resort fees in the total room cost quoted to consumers or face penalty. Many hotel and other online booking sites list only a room rate and taxes, burying resort fees in the fine print or springing them on guests after they arrive. That's deceptive, the FTC warned the operators. Hotels can charge a mandatory resort fee for amenities like pool use, but they have to be upfront about it.


Dickens Museum reopens after face-lift

The London townhouse where Charles Dickens penned "Oliver Twist" and fathered two of his 10 children has just reopened after a $5 million face-lift as the climax of the bicentenary of his birth. Dickens, then 25, rented the Georgian house for 80 pounds in 1837. It was located near the staid law offices of Chancery Lane, as well as the seedy thieving dens that inspired the character of Fagin in "Oliver Twist." Info:


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If you have to cancel flight, remember this ...

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