One of the world's largest hotel chains, Best Western International, is now arming housekeepers at its more than 2,100 hotels in North America with ultraviolet sterilization wands. The wands are used to sterilize areas that most often get touched by guests, including telephones, clocks, light switches and door handles. Housekeepers will also wipe clean TV remote controls and put them in holders to show that they have been sterilized.


Get your groove on at Chicago SummerDance

With its open-air dance floor, Chicago SummerDance is the largest social dance series in the United States. The free series runs July 19-Sept. 15 at the Spirit of Music Garden in Grant Park. Each night of SummerDance kicks off with an hour dance lesson by professionals. For the schedule: 1-312-742-4007 or www.chi


Hobica: 'No magic day' of week to buy airfare

Looking for a great airfare? George Hobica, CEO of, pooh-poohs the idea that the best time to shop is midweek. "The airlines are training people to look on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but there's no magic day of the week," he says. He advises signing up for fare alerts at the airlines' websites or sites such as, and


Anaheim Disney parks raise their prices

Daily passes for Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park have increased from $80 to $87. Annual passes went from $499 to $649. Disney officials declined to explain the increase, except to say in an e-mail, "we periodically evaluate and adjust our pricing structure to ensure we are offering a great entertainment value."