Road warriors Zach, Wyatt, Trey and Keegan Gustafson offer these travel tips:

• Only stay at places with swimming pools. Quaint, historic inns without pools are only for parents.

• Staying at places with free breakfast is great. You can eat whatever you want and your parents won’t make you drink just water.

• Maybe avoid the favorite local seafood. Cold lobster on lobster rolls, really? Blue crabs in Maryland were nasty. And why put grits with shrimp?

• Beds are best, rollaway beds are sometimes OK, but pullout couches are almost always bad — get your parents to give up the beds.

• Complain about every photo, otherwise your parents will make you take even more.

• Be aware that if the van has satellite radio, you might get stuck listening to a lot of Bruce Springsteen. Bring your own music.

• Do not let your parents take you to a freshman informational session and tour at a college campus, especially when the oldest in the family is only in seventh grade!

• The less you stop, the quicker you get there. Don’t drink much on travel days.

• It’s unanimous:  Personal electronics for the car rides are a must.