« We are not aware of any competitors that do what we do – own and operate a fleet of brand-wrapped vehicles, employ all of our drivers, and provide images of all menu items and live GPS tracking. » Kian Salehi, co-founder, Kasa Capital

About Salehi: Kasa Capital in Minneapolis was founded in 2008 to buy or create companies with a technological, consumer angle. Its most successful venture is the Bite Squad restaurant food delivery service. The company, which has about 150 employees, also includes Crowd Cut and nearly 30 other e-commerce sites.

Personal file: Salehi, 31, was born in Iran into an entrepreneurial family. After immigrating to the U.S. without any money in 1985, his father got a job as a driver for Domino’s Pizza and worked his way up to became a franchisor. Salehi grew up in Shoreview and graduated from the University of Minnesota in management and economics. His first priority is work, but he stays active in cycling and skiing and tries to take the weekends off.

What’s big in 2014: Bite Squad already makes up one-third of Kasa’s $10 million annual revenue. The agenda includes signing up more restaurants and adding multi credit card checkout for group orders.

Final word: “This year we plan to launch Bite Squad by April in a city on the West Coast. … In the Twin Cities, we will launch a same-day gift delivery service called Gift Squad.”

John Ewoldt