Kevyn Burger is out at FM107.

The 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. show host did not return my phone call, but station GM Dan Seeman confirmed that after her show today she was told the plug was being pulled. Seeman said Burger no longer fits with the celebrity-driven format of the station. He said the station is looking for  another job for Burger in the Hubbard Broadcasting empire.

 Something awfully funky was going on at Some of Burger's info is there but something else  is missing -- as in her name under "The Shows" tab. Seeman gasped when told that Burger's bio was still on the website.

 This is the third part of a cruel trifecta for Burger.

In 2007 Burger was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been responsible for the FM station winning 2007 and 2008 Gracie Awards for prompting breast cancer awareness.

While fighting breast cancer, her marriage to a local attorney began falling apart, I'm told.

And now she's reportedly lost the radio job she took after leaving WCCO-TV. The radio business can be even more volatile than TV.

Burger might not have seen this coming, as I thought I heard her say on the radio she had signed a new contract a few months ago.

I only have good wishes for the former TV reporter, who is one of the best. An alum of KSTP-TV, Burger's wit and intelligence would add immense credibility to "Twin Cities Live,"  which is just gawdawful.

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