For this years tournament season with Sunrise Bassmasters I found myself fueling up, making sure the motor started good, made sure batteries were topped off and made sure mice didn't eat my wiring harness. The usual springtime maintenance&check lists. Last year, a separated tire put me on the side of the road. So this year, I had to budget for some tires. The newer tires trailer like a dream and keep me much safer ! Preparation well worth it !

On the last club tournament, one of my livewell pumps made a noise that was surely it's last breath. At the sametime that happened, my other pump quit working. I spent the day using the fish weigh-in bag to transfer water from the lake to the livewell. At the end of the day, no fish died&we placed 2nd. Woo Hoo !  

Last night, I made the trip to the local marine dealer and purchased 2 new pumps, an entire set of backup fuses and some wiring. By weeks end, I will be fully operation for the upcoming tournament. In the end, I found that the 2nd livewell pump was not working because the 1st one blew the fuse. Now I have a backup catridge !  Again, preparations well worth it.

So.. Make sure to go through your usual spring check ups, tune ups & checklists to get the boat ready for the water.  Sometime in the middle of the season, be sure to check things over again. Things will happen on the water for sure. By attending to things on a preventative atttitude, it will make the unexpected things that much easier to deal with !!


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