Two decades have passed since the release of Kenn Kaufman’s first ‘Field Guide  to Advanced Birding.” Kaufman has now produced a second edition with the subtitle, ”Understanding What You See and Hear.”

In this new iteration, Kenn Kaufman shares with readers not only “An Integrated Approach to Field Identification of Birds”, but also a series of chapters ranging from the traditional principles and pitfalls of identification and how birds are built, to aspects of plumage, molt, and feather wear. There is also a useful survey of the techniques and resources available for learning bird identification. Ultimately, however, it is Kaufman’s ever-skillful use of digital photography and illustrations, combined with his fluid and easy-to-read text and studded with relevant examples that make this an outstanding resource for birders of all levels. His years of personal experience combined with a keen ability to distill complex information into an understandable format make this a valuable new contribution to field birding. The sections on gull, flycatcher, and sparrow identification alone justify reading this book.


This item was taken from the most recent issue of the Birding Community E-bulletin, received via monthly email by a long list of interested, active, and concerned birders dedicated to the joys of birding and the protection of birds and their habitats.

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