A Ramsey County jury on Thursday acquitted a federal parolee of a Craigs­list-related robbery in which a stun gun was allegedly used.

Ronald L. Sims, 36, of Minneapolis, had been jailed on two counts of aggravated robbery, as was his alleged accomplice, Dee A. King, 33, of Anoka, who has not yet been tried.

The alleged victim, Jeff Hanson, went to a Burger King at 695 E. 7th St. in St. Paul on Oct. 12, 2012, after being contacted by someone purportedly interested in buying a laptop he had advertised on Craigs­list.

He later told police that the buyer, King, pulled up in a blue SUV and got into Hanson’s vehicle. King looked at the laptop and left to get money.

King returned with a man later identified as Sims, who carried a large object.

Hanson told police that he felt as if he “had been zapped by electricity” and that he was robbed of the laptop, his wallet and phone.

Officers stopped a blue Chrysler Pacifica at W. 7th and Leech Streets. Hanson identified the two suspects as the men who robbed him.

Police searched the SUV but didn’t find the items Hanson reported stolen, but they seized a black Zap Baton stun gun. It had two sharp probes that matched the pattern of burns on Hanson’s forearm.

All three men had prior criminal histories. The suspects claimed the stun gun was used in defense against Hanson when he attempted a robbery.

Joy Powell