The cold nights lowered the water temps on this small area lake to 59-62 degrees and made the pike bite tough.  We picked this lake for the nice average pike and good odds to get each kid a nice fish to wrestle with and get a photo.  It didn't disappoint.
Our first 1-1.5 hours was spent figuring out what the fish were willing to bite.  We had 4 anglers and boats, we worked spoons, heavy spinnerbaits, shallow to deep cranks, and finally started to produce a couple fish.  Eventually we found the right combination of baits, boat speeds, location, and started seeing good 5 pound plus northern pike.  
We each kept working what we felt most comfortable with.  I worked spinnerbaits in the new cabbage just below the surface.  I ran it at 2-3 mph and the pike would hit it hard.  
I like to run this on medium action rods that vibrate with the lure action, that way when it picks up a weed the vibration stops and you reel it in and remove the weeds.  Another great advantage with these lighter rods is that the pike put a great bend in it and the kids and parents love it.  
Everyone had a great time and the kids, teachers and parents were all screaming and excited for the fish caught.  We got a bunch of photos and it sounds like this will be an ongoing event.  

It's important to share our fishing with everyone and to introduce others to why we love it.  I am sure we got that across to a lot of kids today.  Thanks to the other guys that helped out. 
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