The U.S. soccer team’s shocking 1-0 victory over England in the 1950 World Cup has inspired several books, a movie and scores of anniversary stories. But the upset generated only a few sentences in the Minneapolis papers the next day. The Tribune’s brief, based on an AP account, inaccurately described the team, the tournament selection process and the U.S. goal, crediting it to the wrong player. The Star took the safe route and didn’t bother to name the scorer at all.

From the Minneapolis Star:


[this was the fifth item in the sports roundup]

ENGLAND lost 1-0 to the United States in the World Cup soccer tournament in Brazil and British sports writers haven’t yet got over their amazement. Said the London Daily Express: “It marks the lowest ever for the British sport.”
From the Minneapolis Tribune:

Yanks Score Big Soccer Upset

From Tribune’s Wire Services
Invited to the world soccer championships as a matter of international courtesy, the Ponta Del Cada team of Fall River, Mass., Thursday upset England 1-0 on Johnny Souza’s first half goal to surprise thousands at Rio de Janiero’s municipal bowl.
The 1950 U.S. World Cup team. Back row, from left: Jack Lyons, Joe Maca, Charlie Colombo, Frank Borghi, Harry Keough, Walter Bahr, Bill Jeffrey. Front row: Frank Wallace, Ed McIlvenny, Gino Pariani, Joe Gaetjens, John Souza, Ed Souza. (Photo courtesy National Soccer Hall of Fame)

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