Good Saturday morning! Welcome to the weekend! My name is Seth Stohs, and I write a Minnesota Twins baseball blog at I am a strong believer that everyone needs a passion, and everyone needs a hobby. Baseball is my passion. Writing and Blogging about baseball has become my hobby. In fact, this winter I wrote and published the Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook – 2009.

When I started almost six years ago, I never imagined that it would open up as many opportunities as it has. I've been able to meet a lot of great people in and around the Twins organization, do radio shows, write a book and much more.

I am now very excited to be joining the Star-Tribune's Your Voices blogging community. I really like the idea of bringing several people from many different backgrounds and disciplines together, into one place. As a reader, it is interesting to gain different perspectives whether we always agree or not.

Now, I will primarily still write about baseball and sports topics here. The postings will probably be different than what you get at But from time to time, it will be fun to branch out and discuss other topics as well. Who knows? Maybe I'll even create a lot of discussion. Hopefully rather than perpetuating the dumb-jock persona, I can help eliminate it in some people's minds.

I am just a baseball fan. Baseball, as much as any sport, allows for plenty of second guessing. One thing that I have learned through blogging is to stay away from politics. Don't talk about it. Don't joke about it. Just stay away from it.

So, for my first blog post on the Star-Tribune, why not jump right into it head first.

Like many, I was very intrigued when the country voted Barack Obama into the US Presidency. It was actually very nice to feel genuine excitement in the country. There was a great hope that change would happen, that a lot would get done. In a very short time, a lot has been done. Obama has been quite active. I'm just confused by some things. Maybe you can help me out.

In public speaking, Barack Obama never misses an opportunity to hold the previous administration responsible for all the negative things in the world. Whether you believe that he is right or wrong in saying it, does it not come across as planting excuses for if his plans don't work?

We also heard a lot about improving the economic situation in the country. I mean, how many trillions of dollars is our country in debt?

Less than two weeks ago, the President signed off on a $787 billion stimulus package that certainly has it's good and bad points. Then this past weekend, Obama hosted a Fiscal Responsibility Summit at the White House. And then yesterday,, in seemingly a twist of irony, his budget plan came out was announced. Now it hasn't been approved yet, and will likely see plenty of revisions before it is. As it reads now, it is a $3.6 trillion budget. It accounts for a $1.75 trillion dollar deficit this year. The budget deficit in five years, according to details of the plan, is expected to be $533 million which is still more than the previous president's biggest budget deficit.

What am I missing?

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