Post time: 6:30. Best bet: Sputey’s Cabin (6th race). Best play: 50-cent Pick 4 (5th race): 1,2,3,7,11,12/1/2,4,6,8,11/2,4,5,6,7, $75.00.

1 6 furlongs. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden claiming $6,250. Purse: $10,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Champagnebythesea (Stevens, Bethke)123/8-1

2: Jog (Keith, Biehler)119/6-1

3: Mr. Hollywood (Canchari, Berndt)119/8-5

4: Khaled Again (Bell, Robertson)119/6-1

5: Royal Wish (Escobar, Bethke)123/12-1

6: Gadzooks (Eikleberry, Silva)119/5-1

7: Fair Trade (Hernandez, Rengstorf)118/7-2

Should get a nice price on KHALED AGAIN, who got off to slow start in debut and was never a factor after that. Steps down a level today with Bell remaining aboard and could surprise with better start. MR HOLLYWOOD is deserving favorite in this struggling maiden field. Has hit the board in three of past four efforts. JOG should be in the mix pressing the pace but needs to break cleanly to be in the hunt.

2 6 furlongs. State-bred. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming $15,000. Purse: $14,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Arvindra (Goodwin, Brinson)123/3-1

2: Know No Somerset (Eikleberry, Donlin)123/7-2

3: Lucky Straw (Keith, Biehler)123/2-1

4: Jackraymondjames (Martin, Bethke)123/9-2

5: Desert Prize (Meier, Rengstorf)123/5-1

6: Bear Island (Olesiak, Wekseth)123/10-1

ARVINDRA should get the perfect pace scenario when closing on the inside and has finished ahead of some of today’s rivals. LUCKY STRAW steps up in class and will be flying late with a bull’s-eye on the front-runners picking up the pieces. KNOW NO SOMERSET ran wide and was never a threat on the sloppy course last out and should show improvement on the fast track. JACKRAYMONDJAMES has room to excel second time out.

3 6 furlongs. Fillies and mares. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden claiming $12,500. Purse: $11,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Rippin Hot (Bell, Robertson)119/4-1

2: Brassy Lucky Lady (Escobar, Ibarra)119/10-1

3: Box Office Appeal (Butler, Riecken)119/5-1

4: Phantasmagoria (Martin, Rengstorf)123/12-1

5: Rosyredpepper (Vergara, Hartman)123/9-2

6: Sing Kitty Sing (Ochoa, Brinson)119/7-2

7: Sheisinittowinit (Keith, Biehler)119/5-2

SHESINITTOWINIT should enjoy class relief after getting off to bumpy start last out and never recovering. Draw a line through that and filly should be plenty fit to set the pace in gate-to-wire attempt. SING KITTY SING ships in from the West Coast for the Brinson barn and is a contender for win honors. RIPPIN HOT deserves another shot after failed debut getting off slowly from the gate.

4 About 1 mile 70 yards. Turf. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming $7,500. Purse: $14,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Static Charge (Velazquez, Scherer)121/9-2

2: Blue Moon High (Franco, Oliver)119/8-1

3: Foolish Temper (Stevens, Silva)119/6-1

4: Monstrip (Rhone, Arterburn)119/5-1

5: Lookinatmindy (Canchari, Brinson)119/3-1

6: Stillwater Storm (Martin, Oliver)119/8-1

7: Green Meadows (Ochoa, Laing)119/4-1

8: Red Headed Woman (Escobar, Sheehan)119/8-1

GREEN MEADOWS has chance to steal the race up front if she rations her speed and sets average fractions with field full of late runners. LOOKINATMINDY didn’t care for soft lawn last two efforts and should be much stronger on the firm turf. MONSTRIP returns to the turf where she has done her best running and is a deep closing threat.

5 About 11⁄16 miles. Turf. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden claiming $20,000. Purse: $14,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Colonel Mozey (Ochoa, Porter)123/5-1

2: Emmy Award Winning (Eikleberry, Silva)118/8-1

3: Tiger Run (Rivera, Scherer)118/6-1

4: Lethal Strike (Fennell, Canchari)123/30-1

5: Demmi’s Spaz (Canchari, Rampadarat)118/30-1

6: Inca Royalty (Shepherd, Turco)123/15-1

7: Brenda’s Bar (Franco, Diodoro)118/12-1

8: Thestarshavespoken (Meier, Schnell)118/15-1

9: Itza Twister (Escobar, Kirby)123/20-1

10: Demidoffpicture (Arroyo, Rampadarat)118/30-1

11: Growler (Velazquez, Scherer)118/7-2

12: Heshoots Hescores (Butler, Berndt)118/5-2

Have to go with favorite HESHOOTS HESCORES, with not much else to look at in the field of many questions as 10 of the 12 runners have yet set foot on a turf course. GROWLER is only other runner with turf experience, but lone start was not much to brag about at the Fair Grounds. EMMY AWARD WINNING could surprise at a price and is bred well to run on the grass.

6 6 furlongs. Fillies and mares. 3-year-olds and up. Allowance. Purse: $27,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Sputey’s Cabin (Eikleberry, Padilla)123/7-5

2: Miss Frigidaire (Stevens, McKenzie)123/6-1

3: Objection (Ochoa, McFarlane)123/5-1

4: Visual Blessing (Martin, Bolinger)123/4-1

5: Jills Summer Raine (Butler, Oliver)123/10-1

6: Somerset Swinger (Bell, Robertson)123/7-2

SPUTEY’S CABIN is all speed and now gets the speed-bias rail to show off her ability. SOMERSET SWINGGER might have best shot for upset if favorite gets hooked up in speed duel and weakens. Should get nice stalking position from the outside. JILLS SUMMER RAINE drew a tough assignment for season’s debut in stakes race and expect much better effort today.

7 6 furlongs. State-bred. Fillies and mares. Maiden claiming $15,000. Purse: $12,650.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Holy White Socks (Shepherd, Weir)123/15-1

2: Caring Karen (Shaw, Berg)119/4-1

3: Shal Pal’s Castle (Hernandez, Fauchald)114/15-1

4: Docs Miss Victory (Canchari, Rarick)123/8-1

5: Tick’s Shadow (Eikleberry, Van Winkle)123/12-1

6: Solar Star (Butler, Rhone)119/12-1

7: Kippy Longstocking (Martin, McFadden)123/15-1

8: Gaelic Pride (Rivera, McKinley)123/5-1

9: Connie Lee (Meier, Bethke)119/20-1

10: Demi’s Bid (Canchari, Rampadarat)123/20-1

11: Jumpin Jennie (Velazquez, Brinson)123/2-1

JUMPIN JENNIE was checked at three-eighths pole and was taken out of race last out. Should get better traffic-free stalking trip from the outside but will need to get out quickly from the 11 hole. CARING KAREN may find herself on the lead with lack of group speed and could try to steal it up front. SOLAR PLUNGE failed to respond at first asking but now takes class plunge to turn things around. Using DOCS MISS VICTORY on Pick-4 ticket as a first-time starter for the Randy Rarick barn, which is off to a fast start this meet.

8 300 yards. 2-year-olds. Maiden. Purse: $11,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Wicked Valentine (Goodwin, Hunt)122/12-1

2: First Prize Carter (Smith, Blair)122/9-2

3: No Secret Faith (Luark, Blair)122/12-1

4: Jess Glory (Packer, Wessels)122/6-1

5: Leaving (Silva, Willis)122/5-1

6: Uhyusti (Wellington, Sharp)122/4-1

7: Shes Lookn Hothothot (Shaw, Johnson)122/6-1

8: Follies and Corona (Smith, Clay)122/8-1

9: Im Zoomin (Buening, Taylor)122/15-1

10: Just Stridin Ivory (Von Rosen, Hanson)122/8-1

FIRST PRIZE CARTER showed good early speed before weakening but has been improving slightly each race. UHYUSTI has a couple of close misses, finishing strong in both. SHES LOOKN HOTHOTHOT had rough start in debut but fought on gamely.

9 Mystic Lake Northlands Futurity. 350 yards. 2-year-olds. Purse: $133,525.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Fantastic Follies (Silva, Willis)122/5-1

2: Love This Story (Packer, Wessels)122/8-1

3: Lil Miss Party Doll (Salazar, Charette-Hill)122/15-1

4: Eyesa Wagon Maker (Smith, Charette-Hill)122/12-1

5: Little Pyc (Reyes, Charette-Hill)122/6-1

6: Mighty Coronas First (Smith, Charette-Hill)122/9-2

7: High Ace (Torres, Charette-Hill)122/7-2

8: Ja Long Gone Gol (Ruiz, Sharp)122/15-1

9: Ncc Anchorman (Goodwin, Hardy)122/6-1

10: Readi to Be Famous (Suarez Ricardo, Hanson)122/8-1

HIGH ACE is only runner with triple speed digits in the field and won easily last out. MIGHT CORONAS won by two lengths last out while being ridden out. LITTLE PYC has won two of three career starts.

10 250 yards. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden claiming $7,500. Purse: $7,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Star Cydeana (Luark, Blair)126/5-1

2: Shes Zoomin Whiz (Ruiz, Sharp)124/3-1

3: Eye for Azoom (Von Rosen, Svendsen)124/7-2

4: Heza Courage (Smith, Blair)124/10-1

5: Brass for Cash (Suarez Ricardo, Ibarra)124/15-1

6: A Runnaway Train (Fennell, Miller)124/5-1

7: Tellem Nothing (Packer, Wessels)124/8-1

8: Moostache (Shaw, Johnson)124/10-1

9: Cayuga Kid (Wellington, Sharp)124/10-1

EYE FOR AZOOM gets out quickly on a regular basis, which is mighty important in the 200-yard dash. STAR CYDEANA is another quick starter who just missed last out. SHES ZOOMIN WHIZ made a late bid at a big price to get the show money.

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