Post time: 6 p.m. Best bet: Hot Item (eighth race). Best play: 50-cent Pick 4: Race 5 (7,11,12,16/1,2,3,4,6/2,3,5,7/6), $40.00.

1 1 mile. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming: $10,000. Purse: $15,000

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: One Bet From Even (Eikleberry, Litfin)120/6-1

2: Rolls Royce Deal (Arrieta, Diodoro)123/8-5

3: Last Minister (Mojica, Bethke)123/8-1

4: Dexter’s Miracle (Escobar, Rhone)123/8-1

5: Bellwood Forever (Butler, Riecken)118/9-2

6: Hamazing Vision (Goodwin, Hornsby)123/5-2

BELLWOOD FOREVER is lone speed and projects as the one to catch. Expect jockey Dean Butler to send out of the gate. ROLLS ROYCE DEAL eased up on opening weekend as the heavy favorite, but good to see that he’s had a decent morning work since for strong jockey/trainer combo. HAMAZING VISION has banged heads with tougher and looms late closing threat.

2 6 furlongs. 3-year-olds and up. Waiver claiming: $15,000. Purse: $15,500

1: Papa’s Isla Doll (Gonzalez, Rengstorf)123/5-2

2: Cabloosie Bay (Goncalves, Rengstorf)123/2-1

3: Dusty Princess (Bedford, Donlin)123/5-1

4: Andrea’s Halo (Martin, Sheehan)123/6-1

5: Morning Report (Hernandez, Westermann)123/8-1

6: Blackberry Brandi (Eikleberry, Richard)123/5-1

PAPA’S ISLA DOLL drops from allowance race after to failing to fire last out. Expect to come smokin out of the gate with the inside draw. CABLOOSIE BAY plunges in class for her return race and should be effective at this level. MORNING REPORT owns excellent positional speed and should sit in great tracking position.

3 About 7½ furlongs. 3-year-olds and up. Waiver claiming: $16,000. Purse: $18,750

1: Angelina’s Heaven (Gonzalez, Davis)123/6-1

2: Fashion Rose (Butler, Litfin)123/12-1

3: Seaside Song (Mojica, Davis)123/5-1

4: Gattaia (Arrieta, Diodoro)123/5-2

5: Maria (Martin, Schindler)123/8-1

6: Girlswannahavefun (Loveberry, Bravo)123/12-1

7: Brenda’s an I Full (Gonzalez, Silva)123/15-1

8: Ginger Rose (Mawing, Silva)123/10-1

9: Honor’s Parade (Eikleberry, Sterling)123/7-2

GATTAIA comes in with consecutive victories on the lawn, and is strictly the one to beat if race stays on the grass. HONOR’S PARADE is a confirmed closer and will be touring the course from the back of the pack. Expect to get swift pace scenario to swoop on. SEASIDE SONG could get brave on the lead if he goes unchallenged.

4 About 1 mile. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden special weight. Purse: $37,500

1: Sweet Spring (Lindsay, Peters)123/20-1

2: Breeze E Prado (Gonzalez, Brinson)123/15-1

3: Saison (Gonzalez, Rhone)120/20-1

4: Lucky Ducky (Arrieta, Scherer)120/8-1

5: Mas Takela (Keith, Biehler)120/10-1

6: Son of Poseidon (Mawing, Rengstorf)120/15-1

7: Sioux Valley (Bell, Robertson)120/10-1

8: Grandpa Tom (Loveberry, Robertson)120/7-2

9: Northernbrilliance (Arrieta, Rengstorf)123/6-1

10: Wannaplaybigchief (Mojica, Diodoro)123/8-1

11: Funky (Eikleberry, Rhone)120/10-1

12: Maduro (Butler, Van Winkle)120/6-1

13: Stitzy (Hamilton, Berndt)120/9-2

14: Foible (Martin, Scherer)120/20-1

WANNAPLAYCHIEF deserves much respect for the Diodoro barn, and should be a decent price when the gates open. Gelding has strong turf pedigree, and is a must use. NORTHERNBRILLANCE is the one to beat, if race is taken off the turf with top jockey aboard. GRANDPA TOM is a first time starter for the Robertson stable. Can’t take lightly on or off the turf.

5 About 7½ furlongs. 3-year-olds and up. Allowance optional claiming: $15,000. Purse: $33,000

1: Superior’s Boy (Evans, Robertson)120/12-1

2: Spire (Eikleberry, Williams)117/15-1

3: Master Guns (Bell, Robertson)120/5-1

4: Broken Key (Martin, Scherer)120/6-1

5: Skippy’s Strike (Lindsay, McKinley)120/20-1

6: Buymeabond (Arrieta, Diodoro)120/5-1

7: Morocco (Gonzalez, Padilla)120/7-2

8: Irish Major (Loveberry, Padilla)120/12-1

9: Mesa Skyline (Goncalves, Lund)120/15-1

10: Nomo Ron (Mojica, Diodoro)123/8-1

11: Spirit of Caledon (Eikleberry, Richard)120/9-2

12: True West (Bell, Robertson)120/8-1

13: Ready to Forgive (Hernandez, Berndt)117/20-1

14: Impetu (Gonzalez, Silva)120/12-1

15: Spotitude (Hamilton, Litfin)120/15-1

16: Chocolateicecream (Eikleberry, Broberg)120/9-2

MOROCCO didn’t disappoint as the chalk last out vs. tougher at Gulfstream Park. One to beat if race remains on the grass. SPIRIT OF CALEDON and TRUE WEST, are your Main Track Only entries, and the race will go through them if race switches to the dirt. CHOCALATEICECREAM is a must use if gets in from the AE list. Came up a neck shy last out flying late.

6 5½ furlongs. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming: $5,000. Purse: $14,250

1: Lootn and Shootn (Hernandez, Bolinger)123/7-2

2: Astonishing Tweet (Gonzalez, Silva)123/8-5

3: Dion (Arrieta, Bethke)123/9-2

4: Bronk (Lindsay, Backhaus)123/8-1

5: Triple Trouble (Meche, Riecken)118/12-1

6: The Last Prophet (Mawin,Schindler)123/6-1

7: Langs Legend (Martin, Donlin)123/8-1

ASTONISHING TWEET is all about speed and is the rabbit to catch to get the trophy. DION will challenge early, and can’t take lightly with Arrieta aboard. Does best running when sent along. LOOTN AND SHOOTN should sit in ideal staking position, and will save ground along the pine. Wide open race in this evenly matched field.

7 6 furlongs. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden claiming: $7,500. Purse: $12,750

1: Caballo’s Rose (Goodwin, Sheehan)123/6-1

2: Dadtodaughterdream (Hamilton, Hanson)123/7-2

3: She’s Not the Pope (Gonzalez, Silva)120/10-1

4: Stellatide (Martin, Sheehan)120/15-1

5: Alotta Soul (Eikleberry, Bravo)120/8-5

6: Dot’s Vow (Escobar, Danger)123/8-1

7: Military Liaison (Arrieta, Bethke)120/4-1

ALOTTA SOUL showed promise in lone start on opening night, and had her screws tightened with a sharp work since. Strong candidate to take a step forward. DADTODAUGHTERDREAM is first time starter with three bullet drills coming in. Going on assumption she’s ready to roll. MILITARY LIASON is late closing threat, but will need pace to collapse to have a shot.

8 6 furlongs. 3-year-olds and up. Waiver claiming: $10,000. Purse: $16,000

1: Play At the Plate (Eikleberry, Bravo)123/9-2

2: Real Fast Music (Gonzalez, Padilla)123/5-2

3: Johnny the Jet (Goodwin, Riecken)123/4-1

4: Ender (Lindsay, Fields)123/8-1

5: Mud Light (Loveberry, Litfin)123/12-1

6: Hot Item (Mojica, Diodoro)123/9-5

HOT ITEM is strictly the one to beat, and is the most likely single on the card. REAL FAST MUSIC will show early zip, and has finished in the top two spots last four efforts. JOHNNY THE JET is alert gate breaker and will be challenging Real Fast Music from the bell.