As the wind blows plankton across the lake, panfish and shad will follow. Gamefish, such as bass will not be far behind. Wind driven currents cause water to chop which reduces sunlight penetration. Wind current will also yield oxygenated waters by churning up sub-surface waters. Bass can feel a waters current passing into their lateral lines. Instinctively, they will position themselves to the places that would yield the highest concentration of baitfish. Bass will move closer to certain windblown banks in attempts to locate an easier meal to eat.

Bass will be waiting to ambush confused and singled-out prey. Look for eddies or irregularities in the water. Baitfish can get disorientated in sediment washing through areas that restrict flow. Concentrate your casts to those areas using a bait that will get down to where you need it in the water colum. Wind blowing through vegetation channels can concentrate fish at and near the downwind side.

Following the wind is part of reading water. Ask yourself, what are the paths of least resistance ? Wind direction, how strong it is and how long it has been blowing a certain direction are all factors to be considered.

Have fun&tight lines !

John Moore

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