Even at his peak in popularity, John Cusack was never a finalist for People's Sexiest Man Alive cover. But you wouldn't have known it from how some fans reacted to the actor during a Q&A Tuesday at the Ordway Center.

Audience members were allotted roughly a half hour to ask Cusack questions following a screening of "Say Anything," giving the star an opportunity to share his thoughts about the 1989 rom-com, as well as "Love & Mercy," "Better Off Dead" and "Being John Malkovich."

But at least four women used their turn at the mike to ask if Cusack was free for coffee or a drink after the event.

One inquistor took matters a step further, waving a laminated card ticking off the top five people her husband would let her, um, spend time with if they weren't married for 24 hours.

Cusack gamely took a copy of the list and read it to the crowd.

"This is terrible," he said good naturedly as he shared that he was in company with Jeff Goldblum, Eddie Vedder, Lenny Kravitz and Sting. "Those all are suspicious characters."

Sting, by the way, will be at the Ordway in April for a production of his musical, "The Last Ship." Guess the show can count on at least one Minnesotan to buy a ticket.

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