You know those people that say the right things, because they think the right things, so they can't help but do the right things? Well I know one of those guys. I've known him for a good many years.

He doesn't talk a lot, but when he does speak, it's to his point and right on target. When he talks, you're allowed to listen, it's not like you're forced to hear. He's not out to change my mind, but he often does. He's not running his ideas down my throat but the thoughts he comes up with are pretty easy to digest mentally.

Not too much wasted motion from this fellow because he told me once that being truly lazy, meant you do the job completely right the first time, and then you don't have to go back to it again.

Joe doesn't watch the weather forecast. He says they usually don't get yesterdays weather correct and what's gonna happen, is gonna happen, so lets go make something happen. Before to long, we do. He turns work into fun. He makes fun, fun.

His real name is Joe. He's alive and well and not kickin. He takes measured steps. If we are hanging a deer stand, splitting firewood or pouring coffee the guy just gets it right. He's a great cribbage player and not because he wins most of the time but because he keeps track of not only his cards, but mine as well. Joe gives us all a square deal, whether we deserve it or not.

Joe sharpens everyone's knives at deer camp the night before season. Joe always helps the rookie's not just deer hunt, but bag a buck.   Joe doesn't cuss, he laughs harder than most folks I know. His wool coats fit. He shoots open sighted rifles when most of us much younger have to use a scope. His eyesight, not to mention vision, is just fine.

Joe wakes up happy, because he goes to bed happy. Joe does not have bad days. He say's there not worth it. It's just that simple according to Joe. Everything is just that simple to Joe.

Joe can't cook. Joe isn't a rich old bugger. Joe is human. One sock at a time kind a guy. Joe doesn't like litter; But Joe doesn't have any pet peeves. Joe just fixes stuff. Regular a guy as you'd ever meet, until you meet him, and then he turns out to be the one in a million. I figure Joe has at least one bad habit, me. Everybody should have one and I hope he don't kick it too soon.

The trout Whisperer
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