In case you're bored with the Twins-Tigers game tonight, ESPN is airing it's in-depth E:60 feature on Joe Mauer tonight at 6 p.m.

ESPN's Jeremy Schapp came to the Twin Cities before TwinsFest and interviewed a host of people for this profile, including Terry Ryan, Justin Morneau, Grandpa Jake and Momma Mauer. There's also an interview with Cal Ripken about Mauer.

(I was also interviewed for the show, but we spent a lot of time talking about his contract situation, which has been settled. I don't think I made the final cut, but TiVo will be in play just in case!) 

Update: Someone with ESPN read this blog and confirmed that I did make the final cut. Hooray for me!

It should be pretty interesting. Schapp had access to Mauer that I would commit crimes to have. Schapp is pretty thorough and it was fun talking baseball history with him.

You can watch a preview of the feature here. It comes after the preview about the Haitian girls soccer team.

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