Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz just completed his conference call with Vikings media. Here are some of the highlights of what he said:

On rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford, who completed 16 of 37 passes for 205 yards and three interceptions in his debut vs. the New Orleans Saints:

"We made a criteria for Matt for him to play is when he was our best quarterback and when he was ready. We thought he had achieved both of those things. Matt has a very strong understanding of the offense and good understanding of defenses. He doesn't struggle in the classroom, he doesn't struggle on the practice field. What he needs to do is play. Experience is a funny thing. You can only get it from doing it and that's what he needs."

On Vikings running back Adrian Peterson:

"I had my fill of him last year. We played him when I was [defensive coordinator] with the Titans. I remember saying after getting done playing him is, 'Shoot, now I don't have to see him for another three years.' Then obviously I got this job and have to face him twice a year now. I thought that Cleveland did a job particularly early in that game of bottling him up. But Adrian Peterson isn't a back that you can bottle up nine out of 10 times. That 10th time he can go 75 yards for a touchdown or 67 or whatever it is. He's big, he's strong, he's got great vision, he's got great speed. There's not many backs in the league that are the total package like that."

On cornerback Marcus McCauley, who the Lions signed after he was waived by the Vikings:

"Did some special teams for us [in the opener]. We're just getting to know him a little bit. When I was with Tennessee we had some feel for him in the draft and the college scouts here had some feel for him in the draft. We're in a unique position where we have a chance to look at guys that get waived and see how they fit with what we want to do. He didn't play on defense in the opener but played a lot of special teams. It's hard to get an evaluation when you get a guy on Monday and he's playing on Sunday. But we'll get to know him over the next few weeks and try to find the best spot to use him."

On Brett Favre being a game manager:

"That's a hard thing to say, 'Brett Favre and managing the game' because his whole career he's been the gunslinger. He's been the guy that's won the game. He's never had a weapon like Adrian Peterson before so it will be interesting to see the way that goes. I know that Elway when he was winning Super Bowls at the end of his career they were running the ball incredibly well with Terrell Davis. There were a lot of playoff games and even Super Bowls where Elway was throwing 20 passes in a game. It's no disrespect to him or anything else. It's just using the weapons that are around you."

On Vikings rookie Percy Harvin:

"He can a make a play when you have a good defense. He's just a special player. He can run a reverse, he can run a screen pass, he can return kicks, he can line up as a quarterback. All those different things. Defensively, we call them off-schedule plays. Things that may not finish the way that they were drawn up. That's the kind of talent that he brings. There have been players like that before. He's still young. He still has a long ways to go. But he's an exciting player."

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