Jerry: A visitor from China (Part 2)

We may not have a World Expo here in Minnesota, but we certainly have lakes.

And our visitor from Shanghai couldn't get enough of them.

Jerry swam in Lake Harriet. He went fishing in Cedar Lake. He waded along Minnehaha Creek, holding on to Zoe's hand lest she get swept up in the current.

In Shanghai, Jerry goes to a private school until 5 p.m., then he goes to his parents' office, where he does homework until about 7. The family goes home for dinner. Then Jerry does more homework until bedtime.

My first thought was: "Oh no. When do you get time to play?" My second thought: "This is why China will take over the world."

For Jerry, the best lake of all was Birch Lake, just outside Ely.

My mother-in-law booked several cabins at a resort, and we all trooped up for four days. The kids swam, kayaked (Jerry's first time) and jumped off a floating dock into the cool, clear water.

A boy and a lake. The simplest of summer pleasures.

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