JEFFS JIGS AND FLIES crafts•man /ˈkraf(t)smən/ Noun A person who is skilled in a particular craft or art. There not entirely gone, but they are harder to find Say for instance you need some leather tooled, your either gonna learn how to do it yourself, or send the project off to a remote town in Vermont. Know anybody with a forge, I do, I know two, but one is into metal art and the other guy almost needs to be begged or bribed, not that I don't pay him in blood as it is, for anything to get done in a timely MANNER. And then it's not great repair work, it's just working again and I hope it lasts long enough to get my wood out of the woods. So I found a fly tier who gets it, it's not just a pattern and thread; it's the quality of the hook, the paint, the glues, the materials. It's all the good stuff and handled with great care. It's a craft that he enjoys. It shows in his work. And he's not reinventing the wheel, he ties flies from time tested and proven patterns that make setting the hook, simple. Like it should be. His flies or jigs will catch fish but they don't look all be draggled after three fish; you can use them over and over with exceptional results. THIS AINT NO SHAMLESS PLUG, And you don't have to take my word for it, you can ask lots of steelhead, bass, brook trout, or browns, why even ask those looper's from northern Minnesota all across northern Wisconsin even into upper Michigan how they fell for his faux flies and how they could not get away because the hooks didn't fail. His stuff works. The trout whisperer

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