If the film industry decides to do a proper biopic about Katharine Hepburn, they may want to consider casting another Hollywood legend.

Jane Fonda gamely took on a wide range of topics during her appearance Saturday at the Ordway, including her take on the current field of presidential candidates and the impact of her workout videos.

But she seemed particularly eager to share tales about Hepburn, who she had recruited to star opposite her father, Henry Fonda, for "On Golden Pond," nailing the late actor's distinctive, wavering voice in every anecdote.

The 81-year-old actor kept begging moderator Stephanie Curtis to let her tell just "one more story" about Hepburn -- and the MPR Cube Critic wisely obliged.

Fonda revealed how the late actor intimidated her upon their first meeting ("I don't like you!") and goaded her into doing the film's memorable back flip instead of hiring a stunt person. But she also pointed out Hepburn's warm side, on display when she quietly consoled her after Dad had made her feel small during the shooting of a key scene.

She concluded nearly 10 minutes of hilarious tales by recalling how she called Hepburn the morning after the Academy Awards. Both had been nominated. If Fonda had won and Hepburn had lost, the two would have been tied with three Oscars each. As it turned out, Hepburn upped her total to four and Fonda remained at two.

When Hepburn picked up the phone, she had one message for the younger actor.

"You'll never catch me now!"


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