Yes, Derek Flint himself bestrode our streets - in 1963. "Route 66" filmed three episodes of the TV series here, and they're inadvertant documentaries of downtown. The episode begins around the construction of the Upper St. Anthony Falls dam, where Coburn is a project manager dealing with a troublesome sister, played by Barbara Mattes.

There's a ceremony at Loring Park, by the Ole Bull statue:

Earlier, Glen Corbett had been driving around downtown, and noticed a statue:

Minneapolis history enthusiasts recognize her right away. She was here:

But not at first. The statue, named "Scherzo," was originally installed at the Foshay Tower. Harriet Frishmuth was the sculptor. This picture shows the dedication ceremony in a space I believe is now the empty court of the TCF building. Up to now I've only seen stills, but the "Route 66" show had a brief sequence of the way the water splashed up - which we now present in GIF form.

(Images from the Shout! Factory "Route 66" Season 4 DVD compiltion, available at Amazon.)