Want to dress like People's magazine's reigning "Most Beautiful Woman"? Or her soon-to-be-ex-husband?

Either way, Kohl's has you covered with the simultaneous launch this week of its Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony collections.

News of the twosome's recent marital split didn't alter the marketing strategy for the two lines, since they were designed and positioned as separate collections from the beginning, according to a spokeswoman.

Someone at Kohl's must have had a crystal ball. And it spares us the awkward spectacle of seeing the estranged couple try to soldier on together for the good of the brand, a la Sonny and Cher's post-divorce TV reboot in the '70s.

J-Lo's new apparel line is designed to evoke "Old Hollywood" with a contemporary spin. It's big on glam, including sequins and faux fur, nosebleed-high platform heels and over-the-knee boots.

If you want to slumber or shower like J-Lo, there's also a line of towels and 600-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets.

The former Mr. J-Lo's line is designed for the man who "always dresses right for the occasion even if there is no occasion at all." Those occasions and non-occasions call for everything from destructed jeans ($70) to suits ($360) and skinny silk ties ($40).

You can see all the pieces, including the former pair's individual favorites, at www.kohls.com.

There's no sign yet of a Kohl's children's line inspired by their 3-year-old twins. Stay tuned.