Match the correct answer from the list at right.

Answers appear below.

1. Abrams wrote this James Belushi /Charles Grodin buddy comedy in his senior year of college.

2. Warner Bros. paid him $2 million for this screenplay, the most ever for a script at the time.

3. The title of this movie comes from the freeway exit that Abrams takes to his Santa Monica office.

4. The highest-grossing film on his résumé.

5. Abrams' TV series that aired on NBC from 2001 to 2006.

6. His first stint as a film director. 

7. Abrams directed this episode of a blockbuster franchise. The cast has signed on for two more sequels, and Abrams is slated to produce, but he has not yet decided whether he will direct.

8. Don't blame him for the finale. Abrams only worked on this project for one year.

9. This 2001 Abrams B-movie script about college students tormented by a sadistic trucker borrowed freely from Steven Spielberg's "Duel."

10. Abrams' TV series that aired on the WB from 1998 to 2002.

A. "Mission: Impossible III"

B. "Cloverfield"

C. "Lost"

D. "Forever Young"

E. "Armageddon"

F. "Joy Ride"

G. "Taking Care of Business"

H. "Felicity"

I. "Alias"

J. "Star Trek"














1/G, 2/D, 3/B, 4/E, 5/I, 6/A, 7/J, 8/C, 9/F, 10/H