It took a while, but it worked


On Oct. 11, the Star Tribune published my letter about MNsure and the Affordable Care Act. I stated that while I was generally a supporter of both the ACA and of our state health plan exchange, MNsure, I was frustrated with officials who were saying that the online system’s glitches were fixed. That was in conflict with my experience of not being able to create an account.

One month later, the situation has improved immensely, and I thought I owed the staff at MNsure and Star Tribune readers a “Chapter 2” of my experience. Shortly after my letter was published, I was able to create my account. During the period of glitches, I had still been able to shop for plans and had been successful at selecting one with which I was quite pleased.

The new plan presents some advantages: a lower deductible and a lower monthly premium, while allowing me to continue to use the large clinic system where I have received care for more than 20 years. Many people are curious when they hear my story, so I will just state that no, I did not qualify for tax credits or assistance.

I spoke a couple of times with a representative from MNsure on the phone; I found him to be well-informed, polite and responsive. He was able to guide me through the last glitch in the system, which was to pay my first month’s premium online.

Next, I will visit my neighborhood Lunds store to see if it sells crow.

JAMES NASTOFF, Minneapolis