You might find this hard to believe, but we couldn't find an appropriate photo to match this story. Go figure. From the Winona Daily News (our bold added for emphasis):

Auto repairman James Prusci has seen some unusual things left in the cars he works on, but nothing quite like what he found Friday in the trunk of a Chevy Malibu. A woman came into the Tires Plus in Winona just before noon, asking if the shop had time to replace a belt. Prusci started the paperwork. "Oh, by the way," the woman said. "I have a goat in my trunk."


The goat had been painted purple and gold - the colors for the Minnesota Vikings. Shaved into its side was the No. 4 - the number of Brett Favre, who made his Vikings debut Friday night in a preseason game in the Twin Cities. The goat was lying on its side, tied at its feet. Prusci said it had some pretty big horns.

Long story short, animal control was alerted and the goat is apparently in the care of a local veteranarian. We can only imagine the strange paint/shave job played a role. Fave has experienced plenty of times in his career when he's gone from hero to goat. But we have to imagine this is the first time that he has been a hero to a goat.


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