The official site for the event is here. There is some dispute over who invented the High Five - at least that’s what cursory googling seems to indicate. If you go to the wikipedia page for “High Five” - of course there is such a thing. Of course - you find that

The use of the phrase as a noun has been part of the Oxford English Dictionary since 1980 and as a verb since 1981.The gesture takes its name from the "five" fingers and the raising of the hand "high". This is opposed to the "low" five which has been a part of the African-American culture since at least World War II.
It's probably impossible to know exactly when the low first transitioned to a high, but there are many theories about its inception. Magic Johnson once suggested that he invented the high five at Michigan State.[2] Others have suggested it originated in the women's volleyball circuit of the 1960s.

But if you go to the imdb entry for the peculiar actor and comic Dick Shawn, you find this line: “He invented the ‘high five’.”

Citation needed. Anyway, Dick Shawn:


WEB Wired has a piice on “The Most Hilarious Abandoned Websites.” Hilarious because the web is so much better now, and the sites look old and silly. Ha ha! They didn’t have Facebook plug-ins and they had to design for 640 X 480 monitors. I remember those days: hand-animating 4-frame GIFs, using blurry expensive camcorder frame-grab cards because scanners weren’t a big thing yet. We did what we could.

At least someone’s curating this stuff; you can’t rely on Google to cache the web in all its glory, and it’s not like anyone will walk into an antique store in 30 years and find a stack of old websites someone’s Mom saved in a box in the attic.


ARCHITECTURE We have an image of the 30-story apartment building slated for downtown. Hmmm.




I’m on the fence. On one hand, it’s almost classically modern, if that makes sense. On the other, it’s almost as dull as it can possibly be, but it has a serious presence.  It’ll depend on the materials, the window tint, and whether that blank wall is repeated on Marquette - safe to presume it’s covering the parking ramp, which would have a depressing effect on the street. I like the way it rises up sheer without setbacks, though.Setbacks? I don't need no steenkin' setbacks.

Click here to see the other buildings going up on the block, and at least be happy that the sad block is finally being redeemed.

Finally: somehow I missed the latest music video by David Brent - you know, that horrible boss from the BBC2 documentary, "The Office."  He's still got it.


Bidily Bidily Bidily Bidily Bidily Bidily Bomp Sweeeet.