In a few hours, this lockout-condensed, 66-game season will be all over and judging from the pregame scene in the Wolves' locker room, everybody won't be able to get out of here fast enough.

Rick Adelman and David Kahn still have some exit meetings scheduled with players tomorrow, but boxes were getting packed and stuff was strewn all over before tonight's game against Denver.

Al Harrington will not play for a Nuggets team waiting to see if they will open the playoffs at Oklahoma City or in Los Angeles against the Lakers.

Luke Ridnour again won't play for the Wolves, although he wants to suit up so he'll be in uniform.

Adelman said Ridnour wants to play, but at this point Adelman asked, "Why would we do that?"

Adelman said nobody's playing 48 minutes tonight like J.J. Barea did on Sunday against Golden State.

In fact, he said nobody will probably play 40 or even 36 minutes as he distributes the minutes and prepares to spend his team into summer with what right now still is a one-victory April.

Adelman said he will spend the summer shuttling between his Portland, Ore., home and Minneapolis for pre-draft work and between Portland and L.A., where assistant coach Bill Bayno will be working with such players as Derrick Williams, Wes Johnson, Malcolm Lee and perhaps Anthony Randolph.

He also will be in Vegas for Summer League play in July, where he said he hopes all or most of those guys to play.

Adelman calls it a crucial summer for player development as well as "aggressive" exploration of trades and free-agent signing to make this team better.

I'll have more from him on what imput he expects to have -- a lot -- in those decisions in the main story from tonight for Friday's paper.

Michael Beasley will spend the summer in L.A. as well but he said yesterday that he plans to spend most of his time working with Norm Nixon again as he approaches what also certainly will ben unrestricted free agency this summer.


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