For years (too many years, some would say) red has been the red hot color in home decor. Red accessories, red furniture and, especially, red walls have graced the spaces of the early adopters since, oh, the late '80s maybe. Blood. Brick. Bright. There was a red for every room, every purpose, so it seemed.

Red has been said to aid digestion. To inflame passion. To make a statement. Well, we all must be doing OK -- at least in the digestion department -- because red has slowly but surely faded from fashion. First it went to something called "Spice," then there was a brief flirtation with what looked the old "Dusty Rose," then it was just plain gone. 

This year, the color deciders -- from the international Color Marketing Group to the local yokels Valspar -- are pitching palettes that are calmer, earthier, more soothing. They are using words like "comfort," "security," and "safe" to described the colors they say we're clamoring for in these "uncertain times." (Star Tribune Home+Garden staffer Kim Yeager recently wrote about the 2010 color forecast. Check it out. )

And, for once, I'm right there with the forecasters. Though I'm probably not going to paint my living room in the "Next Color" (a blend of purple, brown and gray) I'm way over red.

Good thing I never went deeply into the red. No walls. Just some trim. And a few accent pillows. Oh, and the curtains. Ah, yes, I do have a red curtains. At one time, I thought they set off the pale green walls of the living room perfectly. At least  they "made a statement." Unfortuanely, my love affair with those curtains didn't last as long as the fabric itself seems to have lasted.

These days, my homemade, unembellished red curtains now make cameo appearances at Christmas and Valentine's Day. On the dining room table. I've learned that long, narrow panel-style curtains make for great table runners and table cloths.

And the only red I hope to see in my house this weekend would be on some long-stemmed roses (Get the hint, Honey?)

Where do you fall on the color spectrum? Are you into bolds or neutrals? Is there a color that you can get enough of? One that makes your blood boil?