It's always dangerous to ask these types of questions after a particularly good game because positive memories are fresh and the stats are skewed. But few would ask "Is Justin Morneau back?" after an 0-for-5 game with three K's and a couple of week groundouts, so it's now or never.


After Morneau's two-homer game last night in an 11-8 loss to the White Sox, he has eight homers in 105 official at bats. That's a rate now of one homer per 13.1 at bats, which would be roughly fifth in the AL if he had the qualifying number of plate appearances.

As far as the eyeball test goes, Morneau seems to be swinging strong and confidently. Maybe he's not the same all-around hitter -- yet? -- that he was pre-concussion, but it seems at least clear that he has found something he can latch onto with his power swing.

And speaking of not having enough at bats to make that ESPN stat list: The Twins' offense looks, at best, awkward when he is not in the lineup. They were no-hit seven times and averaged 0.4 runs per game when he missed time with his wrist setback earlier this year (OK, it wasn't that bad, but it was this bad).

He's turning into, at the very least, a bright spot in 2012.

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