Nobody could have seen this coming -- namely because none of these guys were in the Twins' rotation to start the season -- but alert reader Jim B. notes that the Twins have, at least lately, taken on a Killer D's look among their starters:

The Twins might have finally found the solution in their quest for starting pitching. The starters who have been most successful recently are guys named Diamond, Deduno, De Vries and Duensing. Add just one more starter whose last name begins with “D,” and a new rise to the top could possibly follow. After all, baseball is the only major sport in which the “de-fense” has the ball, and since the pitchers control the ball, this new solution has a certain ring to it.

It's settled, then. The Twins just need to find one more pitcher in the offseason whose last name starts with D, and the rotation is set. Per this list of available free agents for 2013, the choices (barring a trade or the now D-less Rochester squad):

Doug Davis
Jorge De La Rosa
Ryan Dempster
R.A. Dickey
Zach Duke

Your move, Terry Ryan.

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