I'm sitting here in my office in Brainerd, looking out at a dreary, rainy day... wishing I was fishing.  There are some die hards who will still go out on a day like this, but if you were to pick the day and didn't have a whole lot of 'em, it wouldn't be a ton of fun unless you were smoking the fish.

It's days like today where I like to take the time to organize my tackle, break down or set up some rods/reels, and clean up my boat.  Having a clean, organized boat is something that I just have to have.  Knowing where your tackle is and ready to fish is another habit I have adhered to over the years.

Wrap up your unused snells on a tackle organizer, like a Lindy Rigger.  Organize your hooks and jigs so you can easily get to them when the fishing is fast and furious.  If your boat is in a garage, it's probably a good time to vacuum and clean up your boat.  A little water and vinegar is a great solution to get the water spots off. 

Take advantage of a rainy day...  It gets you in the mood for fishing. 

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