Big Little Brother is a children's book by iconic Minnesota storyteller Kevin Kling that chronicles the experience of being an older brother with a younger, but larger sibling. The book and its interactive iPad app have already received positive reviews, but its publisher is hoping to promote it further with a giveaway of the iPad version today -- and today only on iTunes!



The story transcends the traditional sibling rivalry theme by giving a four-year-old the unusual situation of having a larger two-year-old sibling. It's based on Kling's real-life upbringing with his "little" brother Steve. Illustrator Chris Monroe's creations come to life in the iPad app, which allows young readers to move many of the characters and objects on each page.


 So why give away the e-book? Visibility.

"With thousands of kids apps on the market, it is hard for one app company ... to get on people's radar," said Alison Aten, promotions manager for Minnesota Historical Society Press/Borealis Books. "We are hoping that people will consider rating and reviewing the app, which can indeed help the app become more visible."

Here is Kling and his real big little brother ...

If you miss today's giveaway, the app will remain for sale at $4.99.


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