(Photo provided by the governor's office)

Mark Dayton, Minnesota's dog-loving governor, has gotten a new puppy, a German Shepherd he's named Wanamingo, two months after his beloved 8-year-old dog died.

Wanamingo, or "Mingo," as Dayton's office refers to her, will make her debut to the press at the governor's residence in St. Paul on Sunday afternoon.

 Dayton found out late last year that Dakota, one of his two black German shepherds, had cancer and took her to treatment in hopes of extending her life. Dakota and Mesabi had been Dayton's regular companions during last year's campaign.

On Feb. 13, Dayton posted the following on his Facebook page: 

You've heard of an RFP: a Request For Proposal. Well, I'm putting out my own RFP: Request For a Puppy! I'm looking for a female German Shepherd puppy, just born or on the way, preferably all-black (like my Dakota and Mesabi), or close to it. Please let me know, if you see her around!
No word from Dayton's staff about whether the posting led to him acquiring Wanamingo.

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