"I think [Romney] succinctly addressed ... taxes, jobs, health care, military, Medicare. When you add all this up, his arguments were better than President Obama. Mitt Romney has had a lot of negative press and I can't say he had my vote before this."

Diane Ogg, 58, of Shoreview, who had been leaning toward Mitt Romney but said the debate cinched her vote

"I think that Obama kept the heavy artillery under lock and key and I don't know why. I think that in the next debate that if [Obama] shows up as much as a marshmallow as he was tonight, there might be a little bit of a problem."

Joseph Valerio, 79, of New Hope, who backs President Obama but thought that Romney carried the night.

"I thought Romney did an excellent job. I don't think Obama answered any issue that Romney brought up. I intend to watch the remaining three debates as well, but I really don't think Obama holds a candle to Romney right now."

Sandra Rezner, 63, of Arlington, who said the debate reinforced her preference for Romney over Obama.