In addressing  Missouri Republicans Friday night, Gov. Tim Pawlenty, invited as a "star" and likely 2012 presidential candidate, unveiled a slightly reworked stump speech and another joke about Tiger Woods.

Warming up the crowd with a riff on the customization of cell phone calling plans, Pawlenty said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a "family but no friends plan," Vice President Joe Biden has an all you "can talk plan."

He went on: "And then of course there's the no roaming charges for Tiger Woods," Pawlenty said -- adding his own groans to those of the crowd. "That's a little out of bounds. I'm teasing, I'm teasing."

It's a joke Pawlenty's used before and shows he is unmoved by pundits' panning his Woods jokes.

(Pawlenty also said that President Obama was in a grade school classroom recently using a teleprompter. He prefaced that with "this is a true story" even though the truth of the story has been disputed. )

After the jokes, Pawlenty expounded about what he sees as liberals destroying the pillars of freedom and limited government.

"We have misguided liberals all across the county...chipping away at these pillars every day and we need to grab their arms and stop them," he said.

According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the governor brought the crowd "to its feet"  and energized the crowd.

Here's the full audio via Missourinet.

The governor will be in Nevada Saturday and will address a Republican gathering there.

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