Nothing like a quarterback issue that won't go away. Not that Vikings fans would know anything about that from the experiences of recent years, of course.

In Indianapolis, the combination of the Colts losing their opener with Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning's successful return to the field in Denver have combined to enable the second-, third- and fourth-guessers, some of whom you can expect to hear from in the stands when the Vikings play at Indianapolis on Sunday.

Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz, a supporter of the switch, is among the flash points for some of the rage.

From Kravitz' current column, which features some of the tweets and comments that have been directed at him and Colts owner Jim Irsay:

"I've got to think most people understand, three years from now, when Peyton is walking off into the sunset, Luck will be entering the prime of his career. Wouldn't you trade 12 to 15 years for the possibility of three, four years with a depleted Colts team?

"But football is designed for hysteria -- that's why we love it -- and no issue makes the locals more hysterical than anything involving Manning, Irsay and The Decision (Indianapolis Edition)."

Sort of like the way that no issue makes Minnesotans more hysterical, at present, than anything involving Joe Mauer and his contract. Different set of circumstances, same public displays of emotion.

By comparison, in following the Donovan McNabb experiment, Christian Ponder has it very, very easy.






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