We recently tried here on MPLS to close the book on the "City Hall Watergate" of 1995 by presenting the FBI files on the matter. Because of an inaccuracy in the story, the book isn't quite closed.

Among other revelations in the FBI files, the story cited a quote about City Hall secrets from then-mayor Sharon Sayles Belton. But it actually came from her aide, Mary Pattock, now in media relations at the University of Minnesota.

Here's the offending reference: “She believed it would be ridiculous to [plant the device] to learn political secrets as there are no secrets in City Hall."

So how to MPLS get this backwards? The FBI redacted so much of the file (below) that it made the entire two-page interview appear to be from Sayles Belton, rather than Pattock. Take a look at the top: 


Pattock wrote us a note pointing out that the FBI interview was with her. Sayles Belton confirmed this account. So it appears the redacted portion should read something to the effect of "Mary Pattock, an aide to."

Here's the full -- redacted -- copy of the interview document: