Actors Kristin Chenoweth and Jeremy Sisto showed up for Sunday mass at Incarnation Catholic Church, according to Leslee Aune.

"My family's big 'Law & Order' fans and recognized Sisto right away," Aune said via e-mail. "I didn't go over and say anything, as I didn't want to bother them during mass, but it was really cool to see them there. Perhaps they were doing some research for a new film."

Apparently. A church lady who answered the phone Monday could not confirm that the actors were at mass Sunday, but she did report that they are shooting "Into Temptation" at the church.

"Into Temptation" and "Nobody" are two movies currently in production here. The cast of "Nobody'' was shooting late into Friday night at Theodore Wirth Park.

My new source

Like a true Democrat, Joan Mondale arrived at the airport via light rail, although she clearly has the means to take a limo.

We had a charming encounter after she got THOROUGHLY screened by a security staffer. When I approached her to remark on how she'd really gotten the once-over, she softly said, "I have a pacemaker," sounding resigned to the security treatment.

As we walked down the concourse, she inquired about my destination. I told her I was flying to Montgomery to surprise my mother for Mother's Day. She wanted to know whether my parents had been involved in the civil rights movement. More polite chatter ensued, and then she made this inquiry: "So what do you do in the Twin Cities?"

Uh-oh. It has been years since we've seen each other; I wasn't positive she was who I thought she was, either. I had been hoping that question wouldn't come up. I identified myself as C.J. from the Star Tribune; I put it all out there by adding I was aware that some Mondales don't like me. (Let's just say I had too much fun covering the very diverting Eleanor Mondale, especially when she was WCCO-TV's entertainment reporter.)

Joan Mondale didn't acknowledge any enmity but to my amazement averred, "Let's see, what gossip do I have up my sleeve?" I told her I wasn't looking for gossip, not even any info regarding my old buddy Eleanor. "She's such a fighter," her mother said.

There was more polite conversation. At one point Joan Mondale punctuated something she was saying to me with "If you can't say anything nice ..." Turning my head and speaking out of the side of my mouth, I softly affirmed that that was a credo I could not adopt. When we got to the gate, I realized I had given her some bum information. As I corrected the situation, she thanked me for being helpful and sprightly added, "I'm going to have to give you a tip."

Now, radio AND TV

"Fly TV" is coming in June.

B96 is doing a late-night brand extension of the Tone E. Fly morning show on the CW. Operations director Sam Elliot, apparently not his real name, said: "The whole concept is just to try to get a peek behind the microphone and see what goes on in the studio. But we're also doing TV-only content, so it will be visually pleasing."

B96 GM Steve Woodbury said, "It will be different from Howard Stern, where you just see a radio guy sitting there on television."

Fly TV will have some real production values through different camera angles and variety-show editing plus graphics.

There is reportedly curiosity about Mr. Fly's TV show from KDWB's Dave Ryan. "He didn't call me; he called the CW to ask about it," Woody said. "Dave's a good guy." As some may recall, Fly once worked at KDWB.

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