Just so you're aware of a few of things:


1) If the Vikings' season ended today -- sorry, not likely, but you can ask -- it would be the worst in franchise history. At 2-11, the Vikings have a .154 winning percentage. They have never finished below .179

2) The absolute worst season in team history, record-wise, was not the 3-13 fiasco of 1984. It was actually the 2-11-1 season of 1962, the team's second in existence.

In order of winning percentage, here are the worst seasons in franchise history.

*2011 (in progress): .154

*1962: .179

*1984: .188

*1962: .214

3) Because of that crazy fumble yesterday that ended the game -- a win, remember, would have ensured the team did NOT finish with the worst record in franchise history because they would have done no worse than the runner-up 3-13 squad of 1984 -- Minnesota's final drive officially goes into the books as 18 plays, 23 yards according to the official game stats released by the team. The drive started at the Minnesota 20 and technically ended at the Minnesota 43 after it was batted more than halfway down the field. That, folks, is not easy to do.

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