Editor’s note: This is one in an occasional series of brief profiles on random cyclists encountered in the Twin Cities. See previous profiles at startribune.com/icycle. Text by Bob Timmons, photography by David Joles, of the Star Tribune.

Kate Gallagher

32, of Minneapolis, personal trainer, the Movement Minneapolis

Seen: Morning of Sept. 13, intersection of Bryant Avenue S. and W. 26th Street

Is this the way you get around?

Mostly. I have a car that spends 90 percent of its life in the garage. If I can find a way to cycle, I will cycle. Since I live and work within less than a mile of each other, and my boyfriend lives nearby, I can cycle most places that I go. I mostly just commute. I don’t really do it for fun but, in a sense, it is fun. The reason I avoid my car as much as possible is because I like getting on my bike. It’s relaxing. I get a lot of my good ideas while I’m on my bike.

What about your ride?

Back in 2006 was the first year I biked regularly for transport, and at the time I was riding my mom’s 10-speed Schwinn from the ’70s that weighed 45 pounds. I got really tired of carrying that up and down the stairs. In 2010, I bought (a Dynamic Synergy) bike, which has been great. It looks like a single-speed but it’s an internally geared hub with eight gears. It’s super low-maintenance and tons of fun. I will be replacing its parts until I can’t.

How has cycling changed your perspective of life in the metro?

The increased bike infrastructure that we’ve seen in the Cities over the past five to seven years especially has definitely increased the number of trips that I take and the places that I am willing to bike. If I can bike on a street that has a protected lane, I am much more likely to go, I can do that biking. There were definitely times when there were fewer lanes that I would look at the route and — having driven the route — know that, that is a really miserable road to try to bike. I’m not going to bother.