Since writing about this year's dramatic ice cover on Lake Superior, I've been checking in daily on the numbers. Here's an update:

On Friday, I reported that 93.5 percent of the lake’s surface was covered by ice, according to the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory. The average ice coverage across all five Great Lakes had reached 79.6 percent by then.

Today, after a bit of up and down, 94.6 percent of Lake Superior is covered by ice of varying thickness.

The Great Lakes as a whole? About 88.4 percent. That's still a ways from 94.7 percent in the winter of 1979, according to data from the research laboratory. But it's much greater than what's been seen in recent years.

Here's the current ice cover on each of the Great Lakes:

Superior: 94.6

Michigan: 82.3

Huron: 95.5

Erie: 95.8

Ontario: 43.4