Family Health Issues

If you have been reading my posts, and are not seeing any new ones, it is because of the medical conditions of several members of m family. I suffer severe chronic pain caused by arthritis in my neck and lower. I have eight pinched nerves, which causes pain in my neck and upper back, both of my arms, both of my legs and pain in my mid-level back and chest, and left side of my back. I also have arthritis in my right knee, foot and wrist, and arthritis in my right elbow, hand and foot. And I have neuropathy of both feet. I’ve seen several doctors since 1997 when it first started, but nothing seems to work, except the high dosages of morphine I am on.

My son Dallas just had part of a disc at level C1-2 removed (which if not operated on could have caused paralysis), so he cannot lift anything, including his eight month old son Gabriel. So, I have to take care of him 3-4 times a week, for the next month or so. And yes I am a great baby sitter.

My youngest daughter, Tawnya, rec3ebtky had bariatric surgery, and has had a lot of complications; to her heart, lungs, liver and lower digestive tract. She also suffers from Toxic Shock Disorder, because three of her friends have died in the war on terrorism, and a criminal who she testified against was just let out of prison, after making a death-threat against her. We have to take her to the ERd at least 3 times a month.

My wife Diane was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer about 10 weeks ago (which is also hard for Tawnya). She is going through all sorts of tests to her heart, lungs etc, to see if she can handle surgery at her age. Since the tumor is inoperable at this time, the current plan is to try chemo and radiation therapy, hoping the tumor will shrink, so that it can be operated on. This is very hard on her and my entire families.

I know this is kind of "off topic", but I though I should explain why I have not posted lately. With deer and goose season approaching soon I will begin posting articles from my books, which will hopefully help hunters bag their deer this year, and take home several geese.

I’ll begin posting some articles today.


God bless all of you,



P.S. If you smoke, please quit. Cancer is hard to deal with, not only for the patient, but also all of those who love the patient.


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