One member of Kris Humphries' family has an inkling regarding arrival etiquette for a 9 p.m. party -- his daddy.

It was 9:08 p.m. by my watch when Will Humphries arrived at Seven for the party Saturday quote being thrown endquote by his NBA player son and Minnesota Five Guys business partner. It was closer to 11:30 p.m. when Kris and his "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" reality TV fiancée, Kim Kardashian, rolled up. There is of this momentous occasion.

While it might look to some as though their fashionably tardy arrival was one more way in which Kris has surrendered his Minnesota values to Hollywood, there's another possibility. It's likely that Seven paid Kris an appearance fee and, in that case, his arrival was more flexible because you don't want to spend much time mingling with the rabble. With Humpdashian reportedly seeking but not receiving a $30,000 appearance fee from Life Time Fitness at the Grand Hotel to make stops there, it's assumed that Seven paid. Appearance fee sallies may be a little different from parties Humphries hosted in the most pure sense.

Still, Will arrived closer to 9 p.m. From what I saw, Will didn't avail himself of the valet, which leads me to conclude that he parked his own car!

Laid-back security

The security guys with Kim Kardashian garnered praise for being impressively un-heavy-handed.

Although Kardashian was in a VIP section, the security was not pouncing every time she was approached. One excited woman was gently asked not to rush up on Kardashian but to give the reality star a few minutes to adjust to the scene.

As you can see from my video, the security guys were calm and civil and not shoving people out of the way as she and her fiancé arrived at the restaurant.

Kardashian was smiling, very nice and took an endless number of photos with fans. One person noted that Kardashian's celebrated derrière did not look as large as expected in what appeared to be Herve Leger. Of course, Kim K's watching her diet and exercising her butt off, so she looks fabulous in what is expected a televised August wedding.

Another famous son

Ted Mondale, the guv's chief stadium negotiator, was observed walking near, but away from, Humphries' party. I shared with him the rumor I had heard about his marriage, and he told me I was causing trouble.

Food aisle encounter

Techno weenie Steve Borsch said he helped Humphries and Kardashian pick out a watermelon Saturday at Costco in Eden Prairie.

This is comedy gold for me, but my first take may offend some, so I'll save it for Twitter.

"I was standing next to this big bin of watermelons," Borsch told me Monday. "I heard them [Humpdashian] ask this woman, 'How do you tell when a watermelon is ripe?' I didn't even see them, I just heard them, and said, 'I can help you with that.'"

Borsch said that often, when his wife, Michelle, is not present, and he's interested in a Costco item, he'll ask another shopper, usually a woman, if she knows how to prepare it.

"We were rapping on the watermelons and I was telling them about the sound," said Borsch. "They were buying cookout food, bratwurst and stuff like that. I was walking away and thought, 'That kind of looks like her.'

"Then when I went up to the register with my wife, the young man up front said, 'Hey, did you see Kim Kardashian?'"

Borsch instantly mused: "I thought it was her. She was with this very, very tall man. She didn't look as drop-dead gorgeous as she does in her photos."

I heard about the watermelon matter after the man reachable at @SBorsch posted an item on Twitter. After his brush with celebrity, Borsch went home to confirm the sighting by examining photos on the Web.

Borsch found Kardashian, then a photo of her with Humphries, and said to himself, "That's the guy!"

Cruisin' Minnetonka

A tipster told me that Kardashian was to cruise around Lake Minnetonka. This tweet would seem to confirm that: "What's up to everyone on the big island in lake minnetonka!!!!!!"

"Its like Vegas on the lake over here!" she also wrote.

Hey Kim, fewer exclamation points, more cap letters and the occasional apostrophe, please.

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