Part of it, anyway. The studio that made “Ice Age” and other popular CGI movies is making a bird-centric film called “Rio,” most of which takes place in Brazil. But take a look at :30:



That’s right: Moose Lake! Maybe they’ll make more of this when the movie comes out, and hold a premiere in town. The portion of the movie set in Minnnesota looks charming, but the rest of the film looks a bit familiar: a hapless male is thrown together with a smart, capable female bird, and even though they hate each other they have to learn to get along to solve something or other. The longer the trailer goes on, the more you think: should have stayed in Moose Lake.

But it’s just a trailer - could be a fine piece of entertainment. Did you know that Moose Lake "was originally inhabited by the Chippewa poeple, naming it "libaquechawen", which roughly translates to "the wandering lands of sorrow"?" So says Wikipedia.

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