Twins General Manager Bill Smith didn't say the Twins are done making offseason moves but hinted strongly that Orlando Hudson is the final new piece.

"I think we’re getting toward the upper extremes of where we can be [with payroll]," Smith said in a teleconference with reporters. "We’re excited to take this team to Fort Myers, I can tell you that."

Other highlights from the teleconference:

Hudson said he remembers playing the Twins with the Blue Jays and has spoken to friends Torii Hunter and Shannon Stewart.

"I know it’s a great place to play," Hudson said. "I’m happy for the chance to be a Minnesota Twin, definitely looking forward to it."

Can the Twins contend?

"You never know who can contend just by going through the offseason or whatever," he said. "But I know definitely Minnesota's going to be a contender. That’s an automatic. We’ve got a deadly lineup, we know that with Morneau and Mauer. We’ve got Span at the top."

As for what happened at the end of last season with the Dodgers, when Hudson lost the starting second base job to Ronnie Belliard?

"My wrist didn’t flare up on me at all at the end of last year. It was a decision made by [Manager Joe Torre]. I guess I wasn’t playing up to his part. My wrist had nothing to do with it. I was healthy. I’m healthy now. My wrist hasn’t bothered me since a little bit of pain last year at the first part of spring training, that was it."

Hudson added: "I have no clue. I mean, I’m not the manager. Maybe I wasn’t good enough to play in his lineup, or whatever the case may be. All I can do is be ready when he called my name. He never gave me an explanation why he sat me down."

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